Our Story

We are Bridgette and Jo, Co-Founders of the Recruitment Studio, Recruiters with a longstanding passion for people. With a combined 30 years of success behind us, we felt it was time to step out and start doing things our way – with a personal and honest touch that sets us apart. It was clear when we first started working together, we shared values of integrity and transparency. As well as a focussed working style and positive account management approach.

We truly love what we do, and launching the Recruitment Studio has been a long held dream for us both. We spend time with our clients, on the ground, getting to know their business and our candidates always walk away feeling like they’ve gained something from spending their precious time with us.

We’re excited to bring you stress-free, positive recruiting, with all the right kinds of people.

Our Specialties

As two of the top Recruiters in Auckland, we come with decades of experience, connections, credibility and a reputation for being great at what we do. Plus a load of passion, commitment and a fun-loving attitude.

Our experience is centred in business support through to management roles across all industries. Being face to face with our people is a top priority for us – it’s how we nurture those relationships that lead to excellent matches between candidates and clients. We make the process seamless and stress-free, keeping quality communication at the heart of every one of our relationships.

Our Philosophy

We are people focused. We get to know you. Building relationships with our clients and candidates are our favourite part of the business and the secret to why we’re great at what we do.

Our Beliefs

We believe in asking the right questions and taking the time to really understand what makes you or your company tick. We believe in being open, relatable and available to make sure we’re both on the same page. We see you as an individual, with unique needs, and we’re here to support you all the way.

Our Promise

We promise results. We care about your success. We’re flexible to your needs. We’re highly professional and bring an extensive network to the table. We believe in the power of collaboration. In integrity. Most of all, we’re down to earth human beings who – we hope – are a lot of fun to work with!

Our Services

Whether you are our client needing the right person to strengthen your team, or you are one of our candidates needing advice on securing a favourable next step in your career – we work to find you the right solution.

We listen first. Then we provide an experienced, knowledgeable strategy based on your vision and your background. We offer temporary, contract and permanent recruitment services for all industries. We provide attentive account management for our clients and genuinely invested personal guidance for our candidates.

We see the real value in creating strong personal connections – both in the office and in life in general. We’re committed to fully understanding our clients and candidates, making sure every interaction is packed with value and a human perspective.

.Administration and Corporate Services
.Accounting, Banking and Financial Services Support
.Business Analysts, Research Analysts, Project Managers
.Call Centre and Customer Service
.Event Management
.Human Resources
.Legal Support
.Logistics, Transport and Operations Support
.Marketing, Media and Communications
.Support, Advisors and Managers
.Sales and Account Management
.Talent Sourcing Services

Contact Us

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