Achievable Goals Are Measurable Goals

Setting achievable goals that still force a person out of their comfort zone is an essential part of growth as individuals and as a collective. Challenges and goals add incentive and motivation to projects that might otherwise fall by the wayside.

Here at Recruitment Studio, we wanted to create a challenge that was both worthwhile and achievable. As a workgroup, we discussed different projects that we were interested in that required a certain level of self-motivation and commitment and something achievable that we could look forward to while helping with accountability.

A goal can only be achievable if it is trackable and measurable. We wanted to take ownership of our own training and learning, and that would be much more manageable when you have a set target or date to work towards.

The Tongariro Crossing expedition had our name all over it. It ticked so many boxes for what we wanted to achieve as a collective and as individuals. This challenge offers us the opportunity to train independently while participating in conversations and stories we unearthed while putting in those kilometres on our feet. The training experience so far has been priceless — especially the stories.

Tongariro Challenge Training Update

Speaking of training, we want to share our progress with you. It’s going wonderfully while the team keep it varied. Karen has the most adorable walking partner — her 6-month old pup, Lenny. Heather mixes it up with rhythm spin classes and walking. Bridgette can be found hitting the gym and getting in the kilometres walking home after work. Jo is going hard with a combo of boot camp and running around. Pam is our cheering squad and support crew which takes its own special kind of preparation.

On the day of the challenge, achieving the crossing together as a team will be oh so sweet, thanks to the teamwork and emotional support involved in preparing for this event that is so close to our collective heart. Walking and talking while we make the journey will make the time more meaningful while offering powerful support as a micro-community to each other in those moments — a perfect mirror to what the Hillary Outdoors programme represents, community.

This week we will hit the roads and parks across Auckland together to complete the Coast-to-Coast Walkways — 20km from the Viaduct to Onehunga.

We’ll continue to share stories of our progress and achievements throughout this meaningful challenge.

To learn more about this unique program and event, you can read about it here.