Friday night lockdown treat gnocchi and espresso martini

Lockdown Diary from an Auckland Recruiter

As Auckland rolls into a fourth week at the most stringent of lockdowns at Alert Level 4, Recruitment Studio Consultant Heather takes us through what it’s like to keep on working from home while navigating life with 3 other flatmates.

Four adults, one bathroom…Battling for the kitchen at dinner time…You’re lucky if you have an ergonomic chair, heck you’re lucky if you have a room big enough to fit a desk.

Welcome to flatting in Lockdown!

While it’s not all bad, it did take me a couple of weeks to find my groove with this most recent lockdown. Initially, I felt like I had a ‘lockdown hangover’ – a bit anxious, negative, and tired. So tired, without even physically doing much!

I drew a line in the sand and decided that routine was what I was missing and needing. I set my alarm to get up for an early morning walk around the park and then returned to enjoy coffee and breakfast before sitting down to work. No more eating at my desk – or shall I say my dining room table/sofa/bed (so many options for a makeshift office space!) – I needed to set some boundaries and routines and this seems to have done the trick.

I also have to thank my flatmate for rallying us all together. One Friday evening 3 out of 4 of us returned from a flatmate walk, we were greeted by flatmate #4 to the soothing smell of a candle, fresh gnocchi on the stove and freshly poured espresso martinis. We enjoyed the company, our dinner, decompressed from the day and then fired up JackBox. Sidenote, if you’re looking for a new online party game you must check out JackBox, you won’t regret it.

While at times it can feel like the days all run into one (hello Groundhog Day!), it’s important to do something to mark the weekend and celebrate making it through another week in these uncertain times, managing life and work responsibilities all from home.

How are you doing in your bubble?

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One thought on “Lockdown Diary from an Auckland Recruiter

  1. Lisa on

    I moved to Sydney in May and we have been in lockdown since the beginning of July. I left my family, friends, Job, and country to start my new job. Added to this weird moment is not being able to be in the office and experience the culture of my new work environment, my office is in a LGA hotspot.

    I have also found routine to be a winner, daily exercise, doing a mid day yoga session, having a hump day treat, shopping at different supermarkets within my 5 km radius, shopping for my meals day to day and being creative with my meals and lastly spending as many hours out walking on the weekend finding new and wonderful areas of Sydney again within my 5 kn limit.

    Lock down here in Australia has been a different experience compared to New Zealand’s lengthy lock down last year.

    We look forward to freedom day which is set for October 18th.

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