Employer Branding Is Everything Right Now

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, small and large businesses around the world are struggling to stay afloat. Regardless of the industry, Covid-19 is putting pressure on every organisation. In these unprecedented times, it’s only natural to be extra cautious about making big decisions. However, companies must adapt to the new normal if they don’t want to get left behind.

As a business trying to make it through this setback, employer branding can be your best recruitment strategy. It’s more important than ever to pay close attention to your recruitment methods and build a strong employer brand to stay ahead of your competitors.


Ensuring Your Business Evolves With The Times

It’s more important than ever to use innovation and creativity to send the right message to your current, and potential employees. Your employer brand will be defined in the years to come by how you responded to the pressure brought on by the pandemic.

Most HR departments are busy communicating en masse to employees about various health and safety measures being taken to keep them safe. But at times like these, it’s more about what you do than what you say. People are looking for authenticity and want to know that their employers have their back.

Perfectly curated feeds and high-quality images are not the best way to create engagement. Instead, focus on sharing content that is honest and unfiltered. Your employer brand will become more relatable if you show the “real” side of your brand.


Avoid Following A Profit-focused Approach

The most successful companies prioritise the health and safety of their employees. Put your people first and make genuine attempts to show that you care about their well-being. This will not only incentivise your current employees but also attract potential talent.

The actions you take now will set the precedent for the future. Amazon came under fire earlier this year for not providing its workers with adequate support and protection. Avoid falling into the same trap by adopting a well-thought-out strategy. Make sure that you define the kind of employer you want to be known as, instead of it being decided for you.


Redefine Your Employer Brand Footprint 

The current crisis has brought about unprecedented levels of stress and workplace dissatisfaction. Motivate your employees by showing them that you care about their well-being above all else. Be open and transparent in all your communications.

Accept the fact that working from home is simply not the same as working in an office. People often have to juggle other responsibilities in addition to work, like child-care. So, be a little flexible with your work-timings. Establish clear channels of communication to address any grievances that they may have. This people-first approach will inspire your employees to work hard and pull your business through.


The Power Of Employee Advocacy

Employee-generated content is an excellent way to generate authenticity and gain support during a crisis. Harness the power of social media to broadcast employee-generated content. These features must be genuine, or people will see right through them. Posts like “a day in my life” or heartfelt testimonials can go a long way towards building trust.

Any promotions by employees must be organic or created through advocacy programs. Make use of platforms like LinkedIn and Sociable that have specific tools for this purpose. This strategy will not only help you strengthen your employer brand but also work to motivate your current employees.


Become A More Inspiring Employer Brand

In the last couple of months, we’ve witnessed significant shifts in media consumption and the prevalence of social platforms. Brands must now reconsider how they reach and relate to their employees and customers. The need for social distancing has brought to light the many tools available at our disposal to connect with them. Social media platforms, emails, and video conferencing are invaluable in keeping your employer branding relevant and authentic.

In a post-Covid-19 world, it’s necessary to think about unifying your consumer and employee strategies. Authenticity is the name of the game, and you’re not likely to get very far if you don’t treat your employees as well as you treat your clients or customers. Be empathetic towards their needs and flexible with your requests. This way you will emerge with an energised and engaged team and not a depleted one.

Face the current health crisis as an opportunity for growth, rather than an enormous setback. Approach 2020 as the year you strengthen the foundations of your brand and your work culture. By taking the right steps towards building your brand, your business will not only be able to survive the pandemic but come out the other side as a stronger, more evolved employer brand.


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