Getting Strategic with Your Career Path

How Professional Coaching can Help

A well-defined career objective could be the difference between landing your dream job or setting yourself on a successful path toward that dream job and missing out on valuable opportunities. But, choosing a career path requires careful assessment of your abilities, potential, and a clear vision and understanding of what makes you tick to move ahead. And, in a highly competitive job market, the right moves are more critical than ever, which is why a professional career coach can play a valuable role in getting you where you need to go.  Good coaching can be memorable as it helps you to feel valued, confident while making short and long-term goals achievable

What exactly is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is effective at any stage of your career and is a fantastic investment in yourself. As a job and recruitment agency, Recruitment Studio focuses on personalised, one-to-one coaching sessions that can help discover, or reignite your passions by uncovering what really makes you, you. We help determine your key strengths, and what may benefit from further development – and get you there. Our strength lies in our authenticity and our empathetic approach and taking the time to really connect with you and where you see yourself professionally. We understand the job market intricately and how defeating it can make our candidates feel from time to time.

When you reach out to our knowledgeable team, we will evaluate your individual needs to personalise your plan, then build from there. In addition to mentoring, we support personal marketing, guiding you on the strongest approach to the job market, and remodelling your CV. There are almost too many online resources these days, making it overwhelming to know the best method to use and how best to present yourself. With access to top resources, we will focus on best practices for interviewing, leading you to understand your value, enhance your interpersonal communication skills, and hold you accountable. We plan to have you walk away with a  toolkit full of new tips, tricks, outlook, and confidence.

Why Recruitment Studio career coaching?

  • You spend a lot of life working and building a career. It’s necessary to ensure it’s fulfilling to avoid burnout or feeling disheartened.
  • Career coaching helps you get out of a rut by providing clarity and guidance.
  • Recruitment Studio has excellent insider knowledge of your industry and incredible resources, tools, and assessments to get you started.
  • Create customised goals and plans, with you always in the driver’s seat.
  • We are honest and empathetic in all that we do
  • We will always be your biggest fan!

Is career coaching for me?

As mentioned above, there is no right or wrong time for growing in your career with the help of a career coach. Anybody can benefit from the tools! It is worthwhile if,

  • You want to change your industry
  • You are unemployed and struggling to get responses to your applications
  • You have never done a job interview or haven’t in many years
  • Your feeling unmotivated in your job
  • You want to invest in yourself and discover new skills, your value, and improve yourself.

Final thoughts

Now is the right time to get a career coach – it’s a long-term investment in yourself and one you’ll never regret! Life, jobs and being a grown-up doesn’t come with a guidebook, (as much as we wish it did!) but career coaching with Recruitment Studio will get you closer to navigating the career and life of your dreams. If you live in Auckland and are ready to start your journey, submit a form to us today! We can’t wait to speak to you.

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