How To Introduce And Embrace Different Cultures Respectfully Within Your Business

Here at Recruitment Studio, we are big fans of diversity. Not just because of the varying cultures and perspectives it can bring to your business, but we also know the tremendous impact it can make on your team. Learning how to embrace and respectfully introduce different cultures within your business is an ideal scenario.

For those who choose to forgo this opportunity, consciously or unconsciously, it can lead to a gap. More so, leave employees to feel,

  1. Isolated,
  2. Frustrated,
  3. Annoyed,
  4. And provide ineffective communication.

When you create a working environment, you want those around you to feel included and welcome. These are our top three ways to embrace all cultures respectfully throughout your working year and beyond.

1. Acknowledge Different Holidays And Festivities

We love Christmas, and we love Easter, but there are plenty of cultures that don’t even celebrate them. Throughout the year, so many cultures celebrate a wide variety of holidays and events. It’s essential that this is respected in the working culture and included in day-to-day office life.

Embracing holidays that certain employees celebrate can make the specific team member or members feel appreciated. For employers, consider celebrating and including these events in your yearly calendar.

You’ll be surprised how much you will learn and how bonded your team can feel, all learning from a new culture simultaneously.

2. Introduce Round Robin Style Meetings

Oh, meetings, they can be a true love-hate relationship.

We personally think traditional styled meetings are much more tolerated with a hot cup of coffee. Either way, they are here to stay. They’re a workplace routine that can make people feel isolated and not heard without you even knowing. To welcome diversity and inclusion, introduce a round-robin conversation style during every meeting. While this may add extra time to your agenda, everyone can have input. This is a chance for all employees to speak, invite their opinion and have it heard by the team. You never know; you could find your next best idea from the quietest employee.

3. Ask, Listen And Learn

It’s so easy during a busy work day or even work week to get caught up in what’s going on and what needs to be done. Sometimes it’s actually harder to slow down. But slowing down isn’t just for you. It’s to take the time to learn from those around you.

When you take the time to have conversations with those around you, it’s an opportunity to ask questions and be inquisitive. Of course, being respectful and only asking questions where people feel comfortable.

It’s also really important you listen. Listening is an underestimated soft skill that is valued yet often overlooked.

Key Takeaways

Diversity is something that should be celebrated and welcomed in all businesses. It’s a chance to bring in new perspectives and get a breath of fresh air that almost every business needs most of the time. So if you’re looking for your dream employee, get in touch with us for a stress-free hire today.

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