Are you looking for a Part-Time After School & Holiday Programme Coordinator role in Auckland?

  • Kohia Terrace School, exciting new enterprise for 2020 & beyond
  • Monday-Friday 1-6 pm, variety guaranteed alongside community engagement
  • Combine innovative thinking & coordination skills to make this role extraordinary

The environment

It’s not every day that a brand-new role with so much scope is advertised.  You’ll want to be part of this welcoming and supportive environment where children are at the center of all initiatives, it’s an extremely rewarding environment.  What makes this opportunity so enticing is that it is brand new – you can add your vision, flair and style to a role that has unlimited potential.  The staff and team at this well-resourced and highly regarded school are positive and committed, they are ready to welcome this fantastic new role to complement the standard curriculum and enhance the local community and families.

You couldn’t find a better team to work alongside to make this role a success, they are ready to provide as much support as possible in the planning and set up phase.  Community engagement and delivering a well-rounded after school and holiday program to enhance learning in a wide variety of areas is the goal for this internal initiative.

The opportunity

Take the lead on establishing fresh and well thought out after school and holiday programs to students and families to maximize experiences through new learning with high-quality supervision.

This job will allow you to draw upon and combine your experience in coordination, creativity and delivery of courses to children in a fun and meaningful way.  Combining your varied life and work skills to date you’ll be required to multi-task, manage people and build teams, use your high standard of written and verbal communication, plan and budget while being happy to be hands on throughout.  When you work in a school you are continually dealing with a wide range of groups, children, parents, training providers and the wider community.  Establishing, building and maintaining strong relationships is the key to making this initiative the huge success it will be.

Developing the series of programs will require consultation with parents to gain an understanding of what is important to them.  Maybe offering an art class or sports training at school will save all that time usually in the car and traffic to get to after school commitments.  This will utilize the skills and resources from your on-site team or require you to engage with independent trainers.

Your skills

Are you a self-starter, pragmatic in your approach, used to running programmes/projects/events involving team leadership or are you the organizer/coordinator that has always dreamed of managing your own project?  This role really requires such a unique combination of skills and a natural tendency to be hands-on and lead by example.

An all-rounder with good business acumen and coordination experience will allow you to work with purpose and independence which the school management team will appreciate.  A friendly and engaging personality is important as well as showing good initiative and being able to relate to kids but set clear fair boundaries just as the school does.

Please apply with your resume to register your interest in finding out more about this interesting job.  Either apply online now or email jo@recruitmentstudio.co.nz directly.

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