Meet Heather Mullett – She’s Got Superpowers

Meet our consultant Heather. As an outright people person, she truly understands what our clients are looking for when they walk through our front door. 

Heather thrives being around the energy of many different people, so she fits in perfectly here at the Recruitment Studio. Her passion for building relationships and making connections has been indispensable to the management and organisation of our extensive networks and diverse client base.

She excelled in her past position as a Travel Consultant bringing tourism business into New Zealand. Now, at the Recruitment Studio, her consulting experience has been essential in the day-to-day communication between our teams and our talented candidates. 

As a world traveler (she has visited 21 countries!), Heather brings the energy of a real adventurer into our office, offering new perspectives and a daring attitude. These qualities have been invaluable to our working environment, and she brings a refreshing energy into her daily interactions with clients. 

First and foremost, Heather is a proactive planner… and so we trust in her ability to organise and guide account management. Plus, she is lighthearted, outgoing, and easy to work alongside. Trust us, her charisma will make you feel truly at home. 

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