Mistakes you make at interviews and how to avoid them

Are you losing sleep over an upcoming job interview?

It is not uncommon to experience anxiety and self-doubt throughout the recruitment process.

Your poor brain may be exhausted from running through all the possible scenarios…

  • How do I explain that gap on my resume?
  • What if I panic and can’t answer a question?
  • How should I present myself?

The truth is, if you have received a request for a job interview, the employer is already impressed with your resume and what you have to offer. With some self-confidence and preparation, you can control those interview nerves and make a lasting impression.

Enter your next interview feeling positive and confident by avoiding these common mistakes.

Being unprepared

Knowledge is power!

It is essential to research the company thoroughly. Spend time exploring the company’s background, structure, and purpose. Ensure you understand the role you are interviewing for and how that position serves the company’s goals. A thorough understanding of this will assist you in explaining what value you can bring to the organisation.

Employers are looking for initiative and a strong work ethic. Doing your research shows that you are serious about the position and willing to work hard.

Choosing to be modest

While nobody likes an arrogant attitude, don’t be too humble. The interview is a time to sell your strengths. So take some time to think about your past accomplishments and the areas where you truly shine.

Questions in interviews often focus on this topic, such as:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of in your career?
  • How would you describe your best attributes?

Giving unclear and inconsistent answers

Having to think quickly on your feet and come up with articulate answers can be challenging. Being honest and authentic is the best policy. Try to relax and don’t be afraid to say, “I haven’t had experience with that, but I am very keen to learn.” Employers will value your honesty and consider your willingness to learn and grow. Again, researching the company and practicing answers to possible questions can help you feel more prepared and confident.

Your anxiety comes across as a lack of enthusiasm

Being anxious or shy in an interview may cause you to appear uninterested in the position. Employers are looking for a level of excitement and positivity about the role. Take some time to consider why you applied for the job and what attracted you to the position. Having a clear perspective on this will prepare you to answer any questions on this topic and allow you to explain what excites you about working for the company and fulfilling the position.

You forgot to ask questions

Although you will be answering many questions during the interview, employers like to see candidates who have some questions of their own. Asking questions shows a level of care and consideration. After all, the interview is also an opportunity to assess if the role and company will be a good fit for you. Candidates that do not ask questions may appear desperate for the job or uninterested.

You don’t focus on THEM

While interview questions are designed to learn more about you as a candidate, remember that what they are really keen to hear about is what you can do for them! When you answer the questions in the interview, try to focus on how your skills and strengths will deliver value to the company.

What can you contribute to the role that will assist the company in achieving its goals?

Your appearance wasn’t quite right

The clothes we wear, how we style our hair, and our body language all contribute to the impression we make in an interview. Dress for the role you are applying for and choose clothing that makes you feel confident. Practicing positive body language such as maintaining eye contact when answering questions will also assist you in making a lasting impression.


Interviews don’t have to be stressful!

Stand out from the crowd in your next interview by doing your research and preparing for success.

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