Need an Employer Brand Strategy refresh? We can help with that.

Our team member Heather has recently completed the Ph.Creative Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Course! It is a course that is chock-full of great skills and learnings for her to bring to our clients.

Why is having a robust Employer Brand Strategy important? The way your company is perceived by potential employees has a big impact on the talent you attract into your business. The right Brand Strategy can help you to attract the best talent and reduce staff turnover.

Check out what Heather had to say about the course below and get in touch with her today to see what new ideas she can bring to your brand:

"I'm very excited to have completed the Ph.Creative Employer Brand Strategy Sprint Course!

What a great course, packed full of value, that truly opened my mind up to the all-important world of Employer Brand - something that is becoming more and more relevant, especially in today's market. I loved the well produced, informative and compact content. A highlight was the ability to connect with people all over the globe, with everyone bringing unique experiences and perspectives.

I'm looking forward to providing my clients with the insights and bring discussion to the forefront of how we can all create a stronger Employer Brand and attract those top tier candidates."

Employer Branding, Our Team