How We work

We are committed to fully understanding our candidates, making sure every
interaction is packed with value and a human perspective.

Our Style

We provide attentive account management for our clients and genuinely invested personal guidance for our candidates. We see the real value in creating strong personal connections – both in the office and in life in general.

Our superpower is being able to easily identify your skills and strengths and provide you with a career strategy that works for you. We will guide you to make smart decisions in moving forward in your career, bringing you decades of our experience in placing candidates with great success.

Face to Face

Being face to face with our people is a top priority for us – it’s how we nurture those relationships that lead to excellent matches between you and your potential employer. We make the process seamless and stress-free, keeping quality communication at the heart of every one of our relationships.

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Our Services

We offer temporary, contract and permanent positions in business support through to middle management across all industries.

We take the time to make sure you find the position that is in line with your career goals. You can register with us before you start on your job hunt, or get in touch to apply for a specific job we’ve listed. We will organise the interview for you and keep you posted throughout the decision making process.

Let us help make your job search a positive, streamlined experience.

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The Recruitment Studio offers specialist Career Coaching to individuals looking for:

  • Career self-discovery options

  • Self-assessment in terms of strengths and cross functional skills

  • Marketing tools – CV, LinkedIn profile, Bio, personal branding, approach to job market, interview techniques.

Coaching Program options are tailored to the needs of each individual but can include:

  • Debriefing session

  • An online career assessment tool

  • One on one coaching sessions

Get in touch with the Recruitment Studio who can evaluate your needs and put together a Career Coaching proposal.

Career Coaching


Recruitment Studio partners with a national HR consulting service that can assist, advise and guide your business’ HR practices.  Offering businesses a personalised approach to getting it right the first time with robust contracts and policies in place, celebrating success and working with employees to reach their career goals.  Keeping the business’ strategic goals in mind we will work with you to reach these through your company’s greatest asset – its people.

We offer a full range of service including:

  • Employee Contracts and position descriptions

  • Onboarding

  • Employee Handbook plus Policies and Procedures

  • Regular Performance Reviews

  • Retaining top talent – Performance Development Plans

  • Developing a strong culture

  • Strategic People Plans

  • Health and Wellbeing Strategy

  • Performance Improvement Plans

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Change Management

  • Career Transition

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