Sustainability & Carbon Emission | Recruitment Studio


The earth is a remarkable ecosystem and home to approximately 8.7 million species of plants and animals. This delicate ecosystem is crucial to our survival, and adopting a greener lifestyle is no longer an optional trend to partake in but a necessity that is pivotal to the sustainability of our way of life.
Why Sustainability is Important
At the Recruitment Studio, we have the pleasure of interacting with diverse clients, each with their own beliefs, story, and culture. Our experience has been that our similarities are more significant than our differences, and at the essence of it all, we are human.
Collectively we have immeasurable strength, and it is time to come together to protect our environment so we and future generations can enjoy a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
The team at Recruitment Studio is working hard to ensure we are more sustainable and become a business that contributes positively to the planet.
We are proud to be certified Zero Carbon Business Operations with Ekos. Ekos helps develop and support carbon projects that grow and protect permanent restorative forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Ekos connects carbon offset buyers with these projects by measuring business and individual carbon footprints, supplying certified forest carbon offsets, and providing carbon certifications (Zero Carbon, Climate Positive, Carbon Footprint Certifications). These forest carbon projects deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity protection, and community economic development.
Our team is all working to be more aware and conscious of our impact, and our goal is to get an even better result when Ekos run its Carbon Emissions Report in the future.
Everyone is responsible for making big and small changes to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact, and we are passionate and committed to playing our part.
We are the Recruitment Studio. We are your kind of people.
Join us in protecting our environment and way of life
Small steps collectively add up to significant strides toward a healthier future.